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Apple iMac 27 Inch With Retina 5K Display Review

Apple iMac 27 Inch

The 2017 27 inch iMac looks much like the previous model, but there are a few key internal differences. From the outside, the look the same: Apple has maintained the iconic design and big, brilliant screen.

Apple iMac 27 Inch

Its 5K display with edge to edge glass bears the same resolution as before, but with increased brightness. The main upgrades come from the components, including the latest 15 Intel Kaby Lake processors and Radeon Pro graphics.

Both provide a modest boost over the 2015 iMac, though not drastic enough to justify a buy if you're an owner. The connections also get a refresh from the previous iMac via two USB-C port with Thunderbolt 3. 

During test the base 27-inch model, but you can add a core 17 CPU, more RAM, and larger fusion drives. The 2017 iMac isn't a drastic improvement over the 2015 model, but it's undeniably a sleek, fast all-in-one.