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6 Unique Cultural Events Around The World

Traditions Around The World - These dazzling and unique cultural events bring to life the spirit of a community.

Paro Tsechu, Bhutan - This Buddhist Festival showcases sacred dances and costumed rituals performed by monks and locals.

Junkanoo Parade Bahamas

Junkanoo Parade, Bahamas - This Elaborate Parade held twice a year is a celebration of bahamian culture in multiple islands in the archipelago.

Taunggyi Fire Balloon Festival

Taunggyi Fire Balloon Festival, Myanmar - Near the national holiday of Tazaungmone in November, hot air balloons fill the air in the city of Taunggyi.

Castells, Spain - The catalan tradition of building human towers dates back to the 18th century.

Nanokado Hadaka Mairi, Japan

Nanokado Hadaka Mairi, Japan - In an attempt to secure blessings for the new year, loincloth clad men climb a rope to strike a Gong Hung near the rafters of a buddhist temple.

Khanh Ha Vietnam

Khanh Ha, Vietnam - Unmarried men compete in a mud ball wrestling competition using a 44 pound (20 kg) wooden ball.