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Venezuela Is In Crisis

Venezuela Is In Crisis

Daily protests have been under way for two months. What's behind the unrest?

Economic Disaster - Venezuela depends on oil exports. When prices collapsed, so did the economy inflation skyrocketed, social programs were slashed, hospitals can't afford medical supplies. Even basic food is unaffordable for many.

Venezuela Is In Crisis

Political Standoff - Opponents of president Nicolas Maduro say he is moving toward dictatorship. Maduro wants to create a popular assembly with the power to rewrite the constitution. Maduro's government has banned the main opposition leader from running for office. In March, the supreme court tried to strip parliament of its powers.  But quickly reversed course

Street Violence - As protests spread, Maduro's government deployed the national guard. Venezuela's attorney general says troops have used excessive force. Luisa Ortega attorney general said "To date, 55 people have been killed. Fifty two civilians and three are police or military officers. We have registered a total of 1,000 people injured." The number of casualties continues to grow. THe protesters are demanding new elections and show no signs of backing down.


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