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TubShroom - A Revolution In Drain Protection


Introducing TubShroom the all new and improved way to prevent clogged tub drain. Watch TubShroom catches every single hair every single time you shower. It's easy TubShroom features a universal design that fix it any standard bathtub drain and it's guaranteed to catch any type of hair long or short, thin or thick, curly or straight and even pet hair is no problem for TubShroom.

Look other so called solution don't catch all the hair and the hair they do catch is on display while you shower and harder to get rid of when you're done but TubShroom unique design conceals trapped air. Water flows freely down the drain and cleanup is always fast and easy.

TubShroom Hair Catcher

One of the customer said "For my long hair i used to deal with a clogged drain practically every day so my TubShroom catches every hair every time i shower and i love how cute it is.

Catch every single hair every time you shower with TubShroom. No more clogs and no more hard to clean and no dangerous chemicals to damage your pipes.