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TSRTC Launches Vajra AC Service

TSRTC Launches Vajra AC Service

The TSRTC on Friday launched the Vajra mini AC bus service between Warangal and Hyderabad. A rally of these buses was held from Hanamkonda depot to Warangal railway station to promote the service among the citizens Fifteen buses with a capacity of 21 seats will ply between Warangal and Hyderabad. These buses will not run from one bus station to another but will pick up and drop passengers at select locations in Warangal. This purely mobile app based service does not require the passenger to buy tickets inside the bus.

Passengers who want to take the bus must book  their seats from the TSRTC mobile app or via the website. For passengers who do not have online access, a conductor with a tab is available to help the passengers book their tickets at Kazipet and Uppal depots. The tariff has been decided at Rs 300 per adult and Rs 275 per child.

Regional manager T. Surya Kiran said 24 pickup points have been identified on the three routes, the buses would travel through the city.

"The route of each bus is defined by the passengers booking their boarding points. These buses not only save money, but also time. Each bus will take the passengers to their destination within 2.45 hours. TSRTC is running these buses on a no profit basis. We expect the service to take off successfully," he said.

Already with the existing bus services like super luxury, Indra Garuda and others, 400 seats are available for citizens per day. With the introduction of the Vajra service, 1,200 more seats have been created. Each of these buses will make four trips between Warangal and Hyderabad. Another 15 buses would start from Hyderabad. So overall, 30 buses would be running and will be available for passengers every 15 minutes.