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Things To Know About Android O

Things To Know About Android O

Google shared the first developer preview of Android O in March 2017. Now, it has released the second developer preview of Android O. Here's what we know about Android O so far

Android O

Google will launch public version of Android O in August or September. Google Pixel and Nexus devices will get Android O update first. But what about the features?

Fluid Experience - It's introducing Tensor Flow Lite. A tool that would help low powered devices to multitask with ease.

Picture-in-Picture - Android O will let you watch videos while using other apps.

Notification Dots - Android O users will see a small dot on top of their active notifications. Long press the app icon with Notification Dot to view the notification in a tiny pop-up window.

Smart Text Selection - This feature will use Google AI to select phrases intelligently. Meaning? If you are selecting an address Google will select the entire address rather than a word. And a single tap will start navigation.

Auto Fill - Android O will automatically suggest user names and passwords across apps. But that's not it. Android O will feature animated app icons, better battery life and security enhancements.