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The Baby GTI - Volkswagen Up! GTI

Volkswagen GTI

The Golf GTi Mk1 was a normal hatchback with the genes of a sports car. It became an instant hit for its golf cart-like handling capabilities in an affordable price tag. VW wanted to bring back the thrills of the original Golf GTi in a modern package, which has resulted in the Up! GTi. The car has been engineered to be remarkably similar to the Mk1 Golf GTi, albeit with modern safety features.

It uses a turbocharged motor making 114hp, which looks nothing special until you know that it weighs less than 1,000kg. It makes 230Nm torque and hits 100km/h in 8.8 seconds, compared to 140Nm and 9.0 seconds for Mk1 Golf. The new car also has a higher top speed of 197km/h.

There are tartan seats inside and red trim on the grille must have features of a Volkswagen GTi model. It is still a concept but it would be an absolute hoot to drive in tighter tracks and narrow city streets as well.