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Hollywood's Walk of Fame Turns 60

Walk of Fame Turns 60

Launched in 1958, Hollywood's "Walk of Fame" will be celebrating its 60th anniversary. The walk which has immortalized more than 2600 stars for their contribution as public figures in the field of motion pictures, TV, Radio or live theatre.

E.M. Stuart, erstwhile president of the Hollywood Chamber of Commerce, is credited with coming up with the idea. The walk's initial costs came to $1.25 million and the first stars honoured the likes of Olive Borden, Ronald Colman, Burt Lancaster and Joanne Woodward. Nowadays the terrazzo and frame immortalization are often PR gigs and carry a $40000 fee attached to it.

Ana Martinez Walk of Fame ceremony organizer says "The criteria for getting a star is longevity in the field of entertainment: 5 years or more, awards and nominations, and very important to us is that they do philanthropic work. That they give back to their community."

Kurt Russell actor said "I've been proud of Goldie the whole time we've been together and even before that so I'm proud of her today as always but i think that's a nice thing that we get to do this together."

The 2.5 mile stretch smack in the middle of Hollywood now attracts an estimated 10 million tourists a year.

Daniela Oliveira a tourist said "it's very special to be here, to be here in person to see the stars of the singers i love and i listen to often, and of the actors that grew up with.