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Foldable Bike Helmet - Park and Diamond Helmet

Foldable Bike Helmet

This bike helmet is an thin as a baseball cap but its creators say it's just as protective as a traditional one. Designed by two students at Virginia Tech, The 'Park and Diamond Helmet' was created after one of their sisters spent four months in a coma. After being hit and knocked off her bike with no protective gear.

Park and Diamond Helmet

Most traditional helmets are made from foam and because they are so bulky many choose to ride without them risking bodily injury or death. 97% of bicyclists who die from head injuries were not wearing a helmet. The helmet can be rolled, stuffed, folded, and easily stored. It's designed to collapse in the shape of a water bottle since most bikes have a space for that. its creators say they want to incorporate the helmet into the bike share programs that operate in many cities.