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Finger Phone Device - Sgnl Strap

This Kickstarter device turns your finger into a phone. Replace your Samsung Gear, Pebble Time, or Apple Watch strap with the Sgnl strap. When you get a call, just raise your hand to answer and place your fingertip to your ear. Sgnl is the smart strap to make calls with your fingertip touched on your ear.

Sgnl Strap

The strap contains an embedded microphone and your finger transmits the sound and blocks background noise. Connect Sgnl with your watch to make it smarter.


  • Connecting with Bluetooth
  • Immediate Call Reception - Leave your phone alone, don't carry extra devices.
  • Fingertip Communication
  • Listening Privacy - Don't worry about others listening in
  • Voice Clarity - hear clearly, even in loud places.
  • Watch Compatibility - Upgrade your watch strap.
  • Classic Watch - make your classic watch a hybrid
  • Smartwatch - Make your smartwatch even smarter
  • Non watch Wearers - wear it as a standalone smart band
  • The Sgnl App - Experience more in your life
  • Smart Alert - Never miss any important alerts.
  • Activity Tracking - Stay fit, stay healthy
  • Call Reminder - Keep in touch with those who matter