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Turkey Gears Up For Historic Referendum

Tens of millions of Turks are heading to the polls on Sunday. The vote could bring about the biggest change to Turkey's governance system since the founding of the modern republic almost a century ago.

A 'yes vote could hand sweeping powers to President Tayyip Erdogan including the possibility of him staying in office until 2029. Opponents believe this would send Turkey to authoritarianism.

Muzeyyen Saracoglu 'No' supporter said "I am a 'no' voter. I say no. I don't grant this much authority to anyone, not even my husband, my father or my child, as simple as that."

But others think Turkey is in need of stronger leadership in uncertain times.

Halil Damar 'Yes' supporter said "I will vote for 'yes ' to prevent coalition governments, and ensure the country takes firmer steps (in the future)."

The latest opinion polls say the 'Yes' vote has a narrow majority.