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Top 10 Universities By Subject

Top 10 Universities By Subject

These are the world's top universities by subject.

1. Art and Design - Royal College of Art
London's Royal College of Art specialises in postgraduate courses.

2. Business, Law, Life Sciences and Medicine, Social Sciences - Harvard University
Harvard University ranks 3rd overall

3. Communications & Media Studies - University of Southern California
USC is known for its community outreach programmes

4. Dentistry - University of Hong Kong
HKU is one of Asia's most respected educational institutions

5. Education - University College London
UCL has over 4,000 students studying education based programmes.

6. Engineering, Natural Sciences, Maths - Massachusetts Institute of Technology
MIT ranks as best university overall.

7. English Language and Literature - Oxford University
Oxford is the oldest university in the English speaking world.

8. Performing Arts - The Juilliard School
Established in 1905 on the Upper West Side of manhattan.

9. Philosophy - University of Pittsburgh
One of the oldest colleges in the United States.

10. Sports - University of Loughborough
Loughborough University has an international reputation for sports.