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7 Things To Know About Tottori Sand Dunes Of Japan

Tottori Sand Dunes Of Japan

1. Japan's largest sand dunes transform the coast along the sea of Japan into an undulating alien landscape.

2. The dunes are part of the larger San'in Kaigan National Park, which stretches approximately 46 miles across three prefectures.

3. Forming over the last 100,000 years, the dunes contain volcanic ash from Mt.Daisen in the nearby Chugoku range.

4. The Tottori Sand Dunes extend for about 9 miles and are over a mile wide in some places.

5. Try Sandboarding or paragliding to experience the sand hills which can reach height of nearly 165 feet.

6. Near the dunes is the world's only indoor sand museum which hosts an annual sand sculpture event.

7. Just a quick flight from Tokyo, this destination is a great detour off the beaten path.