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The Invisibility Cloak - Salil Andrews

Invisibility Cloak

Meet 19 year old Salil Andrews from Tamil Nadu. Salil is a 2nd year Physics dropout from IIT Chennai, but he went on to do something bigger. Salil has developed an invisibility cloak. When put on an object, the object becomes invisible.

Light bounces off the object to reach out eyes, To attain invisibility one needs to find ways to bend the light.

The meta material changes the way light is scattered. This young Indian used the multiple lens theory.

Salil Andrews

This is the first device that can do 3D cloaking! creating a wearable device would require another Rs 20 crores, for which he has approached the Govt's National Innovation Council. This invention has numerous applications, and great potential in many fields.

Secret service agencies have already tried to get a peek into his research. But Salil's invention is meant for the welfare of mankind, and he won't let anyone change that. Young Salil has made India very proud. he is the inventor of the invisibility cloak.