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The Human Elephant Conflict

Human Elephant Conflict

Northern Eastern Himalayan Region in India, is witnessing a growing global furore about the human elephant conflict.

Each year, Human-Elephant conflict results in approximately

  • 300 human deaths
  • Damage to 10,000-15,000 houses
  • Damage to 8-10 million hectares of crop fields
  • 200 elephant deaths due to poisoning, electrocution, collision with trains.
Anish Andheria President, WCT, India said "The animal is only scared of you. It is trying to tell you something which you are unable to understand and you are interpreting that interaction or language as a conflict"

It also results in 200 elephant deaths every year due to poisoning, electrocution and collision with trains. 

Human Elephant Conflict in Assam is an outcome of 
  • Habitat loss and Food shortage of wild elephants
  • Increasing human population
  • Encroachment of Forest land
  • Shifting cultivation
Dr. K.K Sharma Assam Agricultural University said "YOu have robbed me 60% of the elephant habitat, give my space back to me tha is my single wish. We are already almost 8 billion and in India itself we are 1.3 billion. How much population this land can carry? We have to talk about it".

A healthy elephant population represents a healthy ecosystem. In the fight of Human Vs Nature there is an immediate need to find ways to sustain both and allow them to grow. 

While no readymade solutions present themselves, what's evident is that the future of elephants is in the hands of humans!