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Samsung Gear VR Review

Samsung Gear VR Review

The new Samsung Gear VR is a virtual reality headset for the Galaxy S6, S7, S8 and note 5 phones. Your phone snaps into the Gear VR to run oculus games and show VR videos.

The headset is comfortable, with removable foam padding. The best new feature si the bluetooth controller, which has a touch pad and a trigger. The controller works with earlier Gear VR headsets as well - you can buy it separately for $39.99

There's still a touch pad on the side of the headset, but you're much less likely to use it. The Gear VR's hardware is good, but many of the VR apps are unstable or stale.

It makes a great free add on if it comes bundled with your phone, but you might want to wait for new apps before buying one.