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Porsche Unveils 919 Hybrid for Le Mans 2017


Porsche had won the World Endurance Championships last year. This year Porsche has unveiled its more powerful hybrid entry for the 2017 title fight. Although the current car looks similar to the previous car, Porsche has stated that the current 919 Hybrid is relatively new by 60-70 per cent.

Although the cars share the same monocoque chassis, everything else from the hybrid boost system to the aerodynamics package has been redone. New technical regulations have taken away some of the aerodynamic freedom enjoyed by teams last year, cutting down force in an attempt to make the cars slower and safer through the corners.

The team at Weissach has developed two aero packages for the 919 Hybrid; one has been designed specifically for the long straights of Circuit de la Sarthe, and another setup for tight, twisty circuits.