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Flying A Plane On All Eight Planets

Flying A Plane on Planets

What would happen if you flew a plane on all 8 planets?

Mercury - No atmosphere, so no air to generate proper lift and you'd plummet and soon crash.

Venus - Has plenty of atmosphere but the surface is so hot, you'd catch fire before lift off and you'd plummet and crash in seconds.

Earth - You'll fly nice and steady

Mars - Its atmosphere is 100 times thinner than Earth's and lift off requires speeds of 767 mph. Once airborne, you're moving too fast for steering control.

Jupiter - Its gravity will pull you down and you'll eventually freeze

Saturn - Its gravitational pull is weaker than Jupiter's. So, you'll stay afloat for a while but will eventually fall and freeze.

Uranus - Its gravitational pull is weaker than Earth's . So, you can fly for as long as it takes your fuel to freeze

Neptune - It has the fastest winds of any planet in our Solar System. You'll hit extreme turbulence and your plane might shake apart.

So make sure to apply for your pilot's license on Earth!