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A World Without Money - Venus Project

Jacque Fresco Venus Project

Imagine a world beyond money, poverty, and war. The Venus Project is the life work of 101 year old Jacque Fresco. He proposes a redesign of our economy and infrastructure by applying technology we already have.

In this society, the primary concern is to maximize quality of life rather than maximize corporate profits.

Jacque Fresco Venus Project

Jacque Fresco said "In the world today, we have enough resources to solve most human problems. Money is an interference."

Instead of capitalism, Fresco proposes a resource based economy in which all resources are a common good for all people. Goods and services would be available to all, without the need for money, credits, etc.

Jacque Fresco Venus Project

Today, we have the means to provide everyone with food, clothing, housing, healthcare, and education. Society also has the technology needed to develop a limitless supply of renewable, non pollution energy. But this can only be accomplished by the intelligent and human application of science and technology.