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7 Things To Know About Joshua Tree National Park

Joshua Tree National Park

1. Two desert systems, the Mojave and the Colorado, abut within Joshua tree, dividing the park into two ecosystems of contrasting appearance.

cholla cacti

2. The Colorado, the western reach of the Sonoran desert, thrives below 3,000 feet, where cholla cacti grow.

3. The Colorado desert runs across Pinto Basin into a parched wilderness of broken rock.

granite monoliths

4. The Mojave section is where yuccas thrive on sandy plains studded by granite monoliths.

Joshua Tree

5. The Joshua Tree can grow up to 40 feet tall and lives an average of 150 years.

Mojave desert

6. The Mojave desert zone on the park's western half is on average 11 degrees cooler than the Colorado.

7. Many species, among the park's 700 plants, 40 mammals, and 40 reptiles are at risk from the changing climate.