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1960 Jaguar E-Type Reborn

In this era of electric-powered hypercars/supercars and self-driving autonomous possibilities, Jaguar has something new us. The new E-type, has been put together by an expert team at Jaguar, restoring the land mark E-type to its former 1960s glory.

Relying on original drawings and build records stored in the Jaguar Heritage Trust, the team is putting together the E-Type.

The process includes retaining or refurbishing as much of the original car as possible, while replacing safety-critical parts with new ones from Jaguar Classic Parts, swapping out unsalvageable body panels with Jaguar Classic reverse-engineered panels, and also using period appropriate spot welding when affixing those panels.

Each E-Type Reborn will start at 358,000 euros, a pretty penny considering the prices of the recreated XKSS and Lightweight E-Types which are a north of 1 million euros.