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18 Rotor Flying Taxi - E-Volo

18 Rotor Flying Taxi E-Volo

E-volo, a German aviation startup, has been pursuing ultralight, electrically powered"multicopter" technology for several years now. The company's Volocopter VC200, an 18-rotor drone-helicopter hybrid, took its first crewed flight last year. Now, E-volo has revealed its first production model: the 2X.

Maximum range for the 2X is 17 miles when flying at a speed of 43mph. Its maximum flight time is 27 minutes at an optimal cruise speed of 31mph. But if range were no concern, the 2X can fly at a maximum speed of 62mph.

The aircraft stands at just over two metres, and it can carry up to nine lithium-ion battery packs. It takes about 120 minutes for the batteries to fully charge at a conventional power outlet with 18 rotors.