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Top 10 Countries That Attract Most Talent

Countries That Attract Most Talent

These are the world's best countries for attracting and retaining talent.

1. Switzerland - Switzerland excels at ease of employment co-operation and government effectiveness.

2. Singapore - Singapore is a world hotspot for talent competitiveness.

3. United Kingdom - The UK attracts high number of skilled workers and foreign students.

4. United States - The US scores highly for networking and formal education institutions.

5. Sweden - Sweden is renowned for its culture of openness and innovation.

6. Australia - Australia offers growth opportunities in a competitive work atmosphere.

7. Luxembourg - The small state ranks highly for international mobility.

8. Denmark - Denmark is a small country, but a big player on the global business front

9. Finland - Innovation and efficiency make Finland an appealing place to relocate for work.

10. Norway - The Nordic nation relies on foreign knowledge and expertise.