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Cultural Fashions - Head Wraps

Tuareg men head wrap

Most global fashions aren't fads, they arise from centuries of tradition and don't go out of vogue each season. Tuareg men of the sahara wear distinctive blue head wraps covering the face is believed to ward off evil in addition to protecting from blowing desert sands.

Xhosa Women Head Wrap

On the eastern cape of South Africa, the Xhosa Women have worn head wraps for over 400 years. The size of the head wrap increases with the Xhosa woman's age to acknowledge her status.

Nihang Turban

For absolute monumentality in head wraps look to the Nihang. The largest recorded Nihang Turban was wound of 1,312 feet of material and contained 51 metal religious symbols. A hallmark of Nihang sikhs dress, they were traditionally worn to protect sword blow and to hide weapons.