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Corsair One Pro Review

Small form factor desktop with the power of larger machines, it stands at 15 by 14 by 6 by 7 inches (HWD). The sleek minimalist aesthetic is very attractive, and it features customizable tron style light strips.

Corsair engineered a liquid cooling solution for both the CPU and GPU - it ran cool and quiet during testing. The unlocked core 17 processor, 16GB of RAM, and NVIDIA Geforce GTX 1080 are top notch choice for gaming.

With this hardware, the One Pro is easily able to play the latest games in HD at maximum settings. It's even capable of smooth 4K gaming, but in the most demanding titles you'll have to scale back a few settings.

Includes 960 GB of SSD storage, but other versions swap it for smaller SSds and add roomy hard drives up to 2TB. Between the high end components and elegant design at this price, corsair's first desktop is easy to recommend.