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A Super Luxury Car Straight From A Sci-Fi Movie

This rookie in the concept smart car world is more like wheels straight out of a sci-fi movie. NextEV's new NIO EVE has almost everything you can imagine within the hood. The Chinese company had envisioned the car for the 2020's with self-driving tactics and artificial intelligence.

The Al within the car, called NOMI, controls and gauges the driver's mood, with the help of sensors, learns the passenger's interests and displays customised information on a huge transparent dashboard display that runs from the front to the back.

The interiors are luxurious with enough room for six travellers. Chairs, recline and fold out, compartments for holding bags and food, touch-sensitive control panels, and almost every imaginable need has been incorporated. Summon your car remotely or simply wave your hand to open the door, it's all there.