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5 Japanese Innovations That Changed The World

first bullet train

1. The first bullet train ran in 1964. It halved the day long journey time between Tokyo and Osaka. A bullet train that floats above a magnetic track now travels at more than 600kmh.

2. The pocket calculator arrived in 1970. It became a must have for school children. It was the forerunner of the smartphone apps we use to crunch numbers today.

1979 Sony Walkman

3. In 1979, Sony's Walkman was a truly disruptive piece of music technology. 22 years before the iPod, this tape player made music properly portable for the first time.

 Blue light smartphone

4. Blue light was an early 90s invention. It revolutionised consumer electronics. Smartphones and flat screen TVs use blue light as it consumes less battery power.

Kirobo robot astronaut

5. Android robots arrived in 2003. They look, speak and act like humans. The Kirobo robot astronaut went into space in 2013.