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Whistling Village Of India - Kongthong Village

Kongthong Village

A village where every person has his own individual caller tune. Meghalaya's Kongthong village is also known as the Whistling Village of India. Each person in the village has a name and a unique tune called 'Jingrwai Lawbei'.

A person named Rothel from village said, "Instead of calling Rothel, you can call me by this tune. That is my 'Jingrwai Lawbei' and that is the calling where each and every one in the village knows me by that calling."

Whistling Village

Since time immemorial, the villagers call out to each other using tunes, not names. These tunes are created by the mother for her newborn child and are inspired by nature, especially birds. The village being surrounded by the hills, the high frequency sounds travel longer distances in less time. There is no written record of these tunes. It's only a miracle how the mothers keep the creativity going.

Rothel says, "Ti;; we're alive, these songs remain with us but once anybody dies, means they die along with the songs. We don't use it anymore."

Each of the 627 villagers have a unique tune. The next generation is trying to preserve this unique style of communication. They record each other's individual caller tune to use it as a ringtone. This village clearly makes the rest of us look out of tune