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Startup To Revolutionize Urban Farming - Square Roots

Square Roots

This shipping container is actually a farm and it uses only 8 gallons of water per day to grow 40-50 pounds of fresh produce per week.

Square Roots Containers

Tobias Peggs founder of Square Roots said, "The whole system is set up to grow as much food as possible, using as few resources as possible.So water for example comes into the farm is mixed with the nutrients, and then drips down through the farm to feed the plants, but then the water is all captured and re-circulated."

The container is part of Square Roots. A startup that aims to revolutionize urban farming.

Tobias Peggs said, "By 2050, there's gonna be 9 billion people living on the planet and 70 percent of those live in cities.If they need feeding and they want local food, then you've got to figure out hot to grow a ton of food, right in the middle of the city at a scale, as quickly as possible."

The average american meal travels 1,500 miles before it's on your plate. This practice wastes fuel and decreases freshness. Square Roots farms can grow food year round and are climate controlled.

Peggs said, "We're able to control light, temperature, humidity, nutrient levels, CO2 levels, all of the elements and ingredients that a plant really needs to grow."

Square Roots Urban Farming

Even the lights are efficient. He said, "If you study photo synthesis you'll find out that actually the spectrum that he plants need, is just the red and the blue spectrum of light, so if we were to flood this box with white light, you'd have all that spectrum of either side that would be a complete waste."

Now, there are 10 shipping containers with 10 farmers. An entrepreneur farmer is in charge of ach box. Nabeela Lakhani a Square Roots entrepreneur and grower said, "I run all the farm operations of that shipping container. So seeding, transplanting into the towers, monitoring the towers, harvesting the crops and then selling. so i'm literally a farmer running a business."

If you live in a city, keep a look out for Square Roots, they hope to expand to 20 cities by 2020.