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Jumbo Jumpers To Keep Elephants Warm

Jumbo Jumpers Elephants

An Indian conservationist group has come up with an innovative way to keep the elephants of Uttar Pradesh warm during the cold winters. NGO Wildlife SOS is working with local women to knit giant jumpers for the elephants.

Each jumper requires nearly 8.8lbs ()4 kg  of wool to be knitted by about 7 women over 2-3 weeks. but dressing the elephants hasn't always been a smooth process.

Kamini Chander wildlife SOS consultant said, "Maya gets very ticklish wearing a sweater, so when we tried putting the sweater on her, she absolutely refused to wear it, she actually tried to throw it off,"

Hundreds of elephants across India are held in captivity to perform at forts, palaces and temples. The NGO houses 21 rescued elephants. India is hone to 50-60% of Asia's wild elephants population.