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ISRO Launches History - 104 Satellites In Single Mission

ISRO 104 Satellites

India launches 104 satellites in a single mission from the spaceport at Sriharikota. This is the highest number of satellites ever launched in a single mission. The first satellite was launched at 9.28 am and it was followed by launch of 103 nano satellites.

Indian Space Research Organisation ISRO says it hit a world record of launching the most satellites in one go. Most are foreign satellites to serve international customers as India seeks a bigger share of the $300 billion global space industry.

PM Narendra Modi is enthusiastic about India's space program. He's repeatedly praised scientists who pulled off a low cost mission 3 years ago to send a probe to orbit Mars that succeeded at the 1st attempt.


  • The Russian Space Agency had launched 37  satellites in one go.
  • Isro had earlier launched 23 satellites in a single mission in June 2015.
  • Among the 101 foreign nano satellites, 96 are from the US and other five are from Israel, Kazakhstan, The Netherlands Switzerland and UAE.

After a flight of 16 minutes and 48 seconds, the satellites achieved a polar Sun Synchronous orbit of 506 km inclined at an angle of 97.46 degrees to the equator and in the succeeding 12 minutes, all the 104 satellites successfully separated from the PSLV fourth stage.