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India's Tallest Pilgrimage Centre - Jaitkhamb Dham

Jaitkhamb Dham

A structure that makes Qutub Minar look small which is 7 feet taller than Qutub Minar. Jaitkhamb Dham in Girodhpuri, Chhattisgarh is India's tallest pilgrimage centre which is 243 ft high, 200 ft base, capacity 2000 people, 870 stairs, 400 ton concrete, lightning resistant, earthquake proof.

It's dedicated to Guru Ghasidas who founded the Satnami community in Chhattisgarh. In the Satnami community, a Jaitkhamb is a symbol of truth and peace. Made by India's top engineers and experts, This breathtaking structure is an engineering marvel. Even if not for religious sentiments, Jaitkhamb Dham deserves a visit!