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High Power Battery Generator - Jackery Power Pro

Jackery Power Pro Battery

This solar compatible power bank could replace generators. Jackery Power Pro is a portable power solution that packs 578 kWh per charge.

Charge - Mini fridges, televisions, drones, gopros, lanterns, stoves, speakers, phones.

Jackery Power Pro

It can simultaneously charge and power your devices just like you would at home. Charge it by plugging into a 110 volt outlet on the grid for 6-7 hours. Or charge it with just 7 hours of sunlight using a compatible 85 W foldable solar panel.

It sports a 110 volt outlet, two 12 volt ports, two USB ports, and a built in flashlight. Jackery claims it can power a mini fridge for 10 hours, and provide 4-7 laptop recharges. Each 5.4 kg (12 lb) package is selling for $799.