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Apps That Are Better Than Apple's

These apps are way better than what Apple makes

Evernote App

1. Instead of Notes use Evernote - Evernote is still the premier note app on the app store. You can easily: add links to Evernote from your browsers, set reminders and powerfully search through everything you write down.

Mercury App

2. Instead of Apple's Safari use Mercury - Apple forces all third party browsers to use it Webkit rendering engine. Meaning every browser can only be as fast as Safari - not faster. But many third party browsers have features that Safari lacks, like Mercury - which offers plugins for Evernote and password apps, customizable search functions and even ad blocking in the premium version.

Weather Channel App

3. Instead of Apple's Weather app use the Weather Channel - Apple's weather app only provides you with very basic information. The Weather Channel provides much more in-depth weather information including hourly forecasts, video and news updates, a health map with flu data and even local road conditions.

Recordium App

4. Instead of Voice Memos use Recordium - Whether you're just recording your thoughts or a full podcast, Recordium is packed full of great professional features that can used by anyone. You can annotate, add pictures, edit, and highlight portions of the audio recording and even sync the files with your favorite cloud storage services.

Instead of Using Pages, Keynote, Numbers, and Mail use Google's or Microsoft's services. Both platforms are more robust than what Apple offers. Since both Google's and Microsoft's services are similar, choose whichever ecosystem you like better. If you primarily use Outlook then try downloading Microsoft's other offerings. If you primarily use Gmail then try downloading Google's other offerings.