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7 Smart Cities Around The World

9 de Julio Avenue Buenos Aires

1. Buenos Aires, Argentina - The Argentinian capital converted part of its massive 9 de Julio Avenue into bus only lanes.

Murals Detroit Michigan

2. Detroit, Michigan - local artists are revitalizing detroit's run down properties with murals.

3. Vancouver, Canada - Vancouver plans to increase green spaces so anyone in the city will be within five minute walk of a park.

Tallinn Estonia Clean Up

4. Tallinn, Estonia - Estonia's capital hosts a yearly spring clean up campaign to raise environmental awareness.

5. Harbin, China - The design of the Harbin Cultural Center showcases the beauty of the city's rivers.

Car Free Day

6. Bogota, Colombia - In 2000, Bogota began "Car-Free Day," an initiative where the entire city goes car free for day.

7. Oklahoma City, Oklahoma - Oklahoma City created an urban hiking and bicycling park from a 7.5 mile stretch of dry riverbed.