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5 Ways To Keep Your Money Safe While Doing Cashless Transactions

Cashless Transactions Safe

1. Use Strong Passwords - Use strong password which often contain alphanumeric digits. The unique doesn't mean that it should be kept lengthy but must be applied in such a way that nobody can guess it.

2. Avoid Doubtful Websites - Check the website URL while making transactions, whether it contains http or https in the beginning. In https the "s" stands for secure. Therefore make use of it doing all your necessary payments.

3. Check App Security - Do not download any financial transactions app from any app store or play store unless you are very sure about the app, do not use it for making cashless payment.

4. Review Your Bill - There is no doubt that while making cashless transactions your every payment is maintained into records with either your bank or financial app you're using to make such transactions. it helps you in tracking your payments from time to time.

5. Avoid Open Network Sharing - Everything was good till the time you're using your private internet facility, but if you are using open network facility providing by a store, mall or coffee shop then avoid to make any financial transactions to be safe.