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5 Things To Do In Mexico City

Teotihuacan City Of The Gods

1. Teotihuacan: City Of The Gods - it is one of the largest and most powerful cultural and artistic centers in Mesoamerica.

2. Centro Historico: City Of Palaces - The 10 acre historic center of Mexico City has museums, Cathedrals, and temples that reveal a storied past.


3. Xochimilco: Where The Flower Grow - Canals weave through man made islands in Xochimilco. The so called 'Venice Of The New World".

Art Mesoamerica To Modern Mexico

4. Art: Mesoamerica To Modern Mexico - Mexico City has more than 150 museums and galleries.

Coyoacan Place Of Coyotes

5. Coyoacan: Place Of Coyotes - One of Mexico City's "Magical Neighborhoods," coyocan transports visitors back in time.