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World's Largest Flower - Corpse Flower

Largest Flower Corpse Flower

This is one of the world's largest flowering plants. It is known as the Corpse Flower. It can grow as tall as 15 feet. The flower gets its name from its strong stench.

Its smell and color are meant to mimic a dead animal. Beetles and flies are attracted to the odor and help ensure the flower's pollination.

Life Cycle Of Corpse Flower

Life Cycle Of Corpse Flower

The flower can grow very quickly about two to eight inches a day, reaching heights of 8-10 feet! Once the rapid growth stops it is an indication that the plant may bloom soon and bring on the stink!

Spadix - Like most flowers of plants in the Arum family, the flower has a center columnar part called a spadix.

Spathe - The sheath that resembles a single large frilly petal is called a spathe. The flowers and seeds (after pollination) are deeper inside the flower along the spadix, protected by the spathe.

Peduncle - The stem like part is called a peduncle.

The bloom or leaf both come from the part of the plant called a corm. A corm is an underground tuber, a swollen plant stem that is a storage organ for plants. A corm is similar to a true bulb. The Corpse Flower corm looks like a bulb combined with a large potato and it can weigh over 160 pounds!