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Vivos X Point - Largest Survival Community On Earth

Vivos X Point Largest Survival Community

Fort Igloo Facility - Former military ordnance storage site, remote South Dakota, USA. This is the largest doomsday community on earth. This used to be a South Dakota munitions shelter. Now it's a private armageddon bunker community. It's called: Vivos X Point and it's supposedly the largest private shelter community on earth.

Vivos X Point

The structures were originally built in 1942 as military fortress for storing explosives and munitions. The base was retired in 1967. Vivos Group acquired the property in 2016 turning it into the "Ultimate Shelter Community".

Vivos X Point

There are 575 bunkers made of hardened concrete and steel. The shelters are about: 60-80 feet long and 26 feet wide. The community can hold up to 5,000 people and withstand a 500,000 pound blast.

Vivos says there's room for a full year's worth of supplies. The bunkers are sold as is, but buyers can outfit them with plumbing, electricity and air filtration.

Vivos X Point Bunkers

Vivos plans on adding a general store along with a full time staff for security and maintenance. A 99 year lease on a bunker costs $1,000 a year along with a $25,000 deposit. Vivos is currently taking reservations and the first tenants can move in as early as next summer.