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Shakira's Message To The World

At Crystal Awards ceremony Shakira has given a message to the world. Here is the message given by her

"Today we know more than ever about the early years of child development especially that of the brain. The brain of a child who's nourished and nurtured, read to and played with, protected from factors like stress and conflict has the best chance of developing its full potential.

Because it's proven that children who receive proper care, nutrition and stimulation in the first five years do much better in school and in life. Sadly this is not the case in my country, or in so many other countries in the developing world, where being born into poverty means never breaking out of it.

We should be devastated that in 2017 there are still 250 million kids under five who are still at risk - who will likely be stunted, physically and intellectually.

Now take that in for a second - we're talking about nearly the population of an entire country the size of the US. This is a tragedy for those children and an epic, eic failure for all of us."