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Rumors Of The Samsung Galaxy S8

Samsung Galaxy S8 Rumors

Here are the rumors of the Samsung Galaxy S8

  • There might not be a home button. Instead, there may be a fingerprint scanner on the back or under the touchscreen. Ass well as an iris scanner, similar to the one on the Note 7. 
  • It may have a curved, edge-to-edge display. 
  • It may come in 2 sizes, a standard and a plus.
  • With an upgraded dual-lens camera on the rear of the plus.
  • It will come with an "enhanced artificial intelligence service," according to Samsung which could be named: "Bixby"
  • It might have desktop compatibility like Microsoft's Continuum.
  • It might use a USB-C charging port, and it could lose the headphone jack and it might have stereo speakers from Harman.
  • The S8 will likely be more expensive than the S7 and it's expected to be announced sometime in April 2017.