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Rajesh Khanna - The Original Superstar

Rajesh Khanna Superstar

Rajesh Khanna is India's first superstar, hit maker and national heart throb. In 1965, Rajesh Khanna beat 10,000 contestants in an all India Talent Contest. His first leading role was in Aakhri Khat. It wasn't until Aradhana that Rajesh Khanna came to be called superstar.

A decade of unbeatable hits followed between 1969 and 1971, he had 15 blockbusters. The winning combination of Kishore Kumar's voice, the winning combination of RD Burman's melodies and Rajesh Khanna's charisma filled the 1970s with unforgettable tunes.

Shakti Samanta directed Rajesh Khanna his best roles. The dream run ended in the 1970s. There were hits, but not as huge as before. The superstar crown passed on to Amitabh Bachchan. But Rajesh Khanna will remain the original superstar.