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Pixie - App That Helps You Find Lost Items

Pixie Find Lost Items

This app is like 'Pokemon Go' for your lost stuff. Pixie uses a bluetooth connected tracker so you can itemize your belongings and once an item is lost, just open the app, select the item you want to find, and walk around like you're hunting for Pokemon.

As it scans, 'Pixie' uses augmented reality and sound to help you find your things. Pixie uses a battery that lasts up to 12 months and is waterproof, so even if items are soaked they are still recoverable. You need to be within 40 feet of the lost item. Pixie is right now available for iPhone and iPad.

Pixie Mobile App

Go and turn your phone into finder. Just apply the first Pixie Point to the back of your iPhone and the other Points to your most important things to make them quickly discoverable within a 30-50 foot range indoors.