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Pioneer Of Female Education - Dharam Pal Saini

Dharam Pal Saini Chhattisgarh

This man's perseverance helped educate thousands of women changing their lives forever. Meet Dharam Pal Saini, the founder of 'Mata Rukmani Devi Ashram' school in bastar, Chhattisgarh. Fondly called 'Tauji', he is a pioneer of female education!

Dharam Pal Saini

40 years ago, when he first suggested opening an all girls school, he was laughed at and asked 'Who even teaches a girl child?' Days that followed weren't easy, it took him 3 months to find 4 students to connect with the surrounding tribal population.

The first subject he taught was agriculture. Four decades later, over 3500 children are studying in 37 schools free of cost! Moreover, around 20k students have been educated in these schools so far. The curriculum includes sports, agriculture, dane, yoga and music.

Mata Rukmani Devi Ashram

The students from these schools continue to shine in academics and life. Dharam Pal Saini was awarded the Padma Shri for his social work in 1992. A mentor, a father figure and an inspiration to everyone. Tauji made sure that no girl is alien to the subject of education!