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Nikola Tesla's Death Ray

Tesla's Death Ray

Nikola Tesla mentioned in multiple occasions that he invented the "Death Ray". A particle beam weapon that can destroy anything approaching within 321 km (200 mi). He hoped the weapon would end war by providing every nation "an invisible Chinese wall".

The FBI released documents stating that Tesla may have actually performed many experiments to build the weapon and told one of his students one month before his death that "the experiment had been completed and perfected".

Tesla's nephew, who was disliked by Tesla, wanted to steal the plans but the FBI plotted his arrest because he was "probably connected with the enemies". The FBI had interest in acquiring the plans the letters requested protecting Tesla from enemies who might also be interested in "such an invaluable instrument of war".

The U.S government seized all of Tesla's possessions 2 days after his death. The FBI said it was not involved in searching Tesla's effects and it never had possession of his papers or any copies that have been made of those papers. Did Tesla really invent the Death Ray? if yes, then where is it now?