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Nasal Spray To Prevent Suicides

Nasal Spray

Scientists are developing a nasal spray that can prevent suicides. Suicides can be triggered by a serious illness or difficulties in life. They can also be triggered by low self esteem, drug abuse and emotional pain.

The nasal spray consists of Thyrotropin Releasing Hormone which was proven to have antidepressant and anti suicidal effects. It works be inhibiting the activity of certain receptors in the brain. Thus preventing suicidal behavior and depression.

Researchers want to figure out a way to deliver it to the brain. The brain is separated from the bloodstream by a special boundary which is called the Brain Blood Barrier.

It protects the brain from harmful substances in the bloodstream. The hormone must pass through this barrier to exert its effect. The nasal spray could be useful to veterans and the general public.

"20 veterans die a day from suicide" - U.S. Department of Veterans Affairs.
"By 2020, the rate of death by suicide will increase to one every 20 seconds" - World Health Organization.