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LG PJ9 Bluetooth Levitating Speaker First Look

LG PJ9 Bluetooth Speaker

We have seen waterproof speakers and even some claim to be survive an explosion. But so far we haven't really seen speakers that levitate. But LG is the first electronics company to introduce levitating portable speaker called LG PJ9 Levitating Speaker.

LG PJ9 has a speaker which hovers above the over a round base which LG calls it as Levitation Station. LG claims that the levitation station has a powerful electromagnets that help the speaker stay at few centimeters above it.

The coolest thing about the LG PJ9 speaker is perhaps its ability to charge itself. When the battery runs low which will happen once in every 10 hours according to LG, the speaker will send on to the base and begin charging itself. According to LG when that happens the speaker will continue playing the music without interruptions. 

It's likely to deliver better bass response than most bluetooth speakers. LG claims that the LG PJ9 speakers rated IPX7 for water resistance.