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Lesser Known Google Products

6 Google products and services you never knew existed.

Google Arts And Culture

1. Google Arts And Culture - This services lets you explore thousands of works of art from over 1000 museums and archives around the world. You can zoom in on the high-res images to check out every tiny detail and you can take a virtual tour of some sites using "Museum View". There's also a mobile app, so you can do it all from your phone.

Google Express

2. Google Express - This mobile delivery service works with a number of different stores. You can get anything from clothes and food to electronics and beauty products. It offers same day delivery, and fees start at $4.99 per store.

Google Sky

3. Google Sky - This site lets you explore the universe using imagery from astronomical surveys. You can search and zoom in on stars, planets, nebulae, galaxies and see a historical view of the constellations drawn by giovanni maria cassini. There's also a google moon and a google mars.


4. Gboard - This is an app for the iPhone that adds google search functionality right into your keyboard. You can send search results to friends directly through messaging apps. It includes a gif search and glide typing for faster messaging.

Google Ngram Viewer

5. Google Ngram Viewer - This lets you compare how different words and phrases have been used in books from 1500-2008. it shows the frequency of use and displays the data in a chart.

Google One Today

6. Google One Today - This app lets you donate to various non profits quickly and easily.Each profile has photos and a basic summary of their work. As well as an explanation of exactly where you money is going. With just a few clicks, you can donate $1 or more, and choose to match the donations of others.