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Jack Ma Says 3 Trends Will Make The World A Better Place

Jack Ma 3 trends

Jack Ma says the world now needs to focus on three important areas.

3. Making Technology Inclusive - The next 30 years are critical for the world. Every technology revolution takes about 50 years.

The first 20 years: technology company
Next 30 years: The implications of the technology.

Focus on the next 30 years. The first 20 years: eBay, Amazon, Facebook, Alibaba, Google - good. The most important is to make the technology inclusive, make the world change.

2. The Internet Generation - Next pay attention to those people who are 30 years old. because those are internet generation. They will change the world - they are the builders of the world.

3. The Next Pioneers - Third, let's pay attention to the companies who have fewer than 30 employees. 30 years and 30 years old and 30 employees. That we can make the world much better.
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