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India's Blindfolded Wonder Boy - Jeet Trivedi

Jeet Trivedi Blindfolded Wonder Boy

What happens when you blindfold this boy and make him ride a scooter? He does it with ease like he could see everything in his path. At 17, Jeet Trivedi from Gujarat, is India's Blindfolded Wonder Boy.

Jeet Trivedi Blindfolded Boy

It's not a magic trick, but a case of super sensory development. Jeet has mastered his senses through a scientific training process.

Bharat Patel - Midbrain Activation Trainer & Counsellor, said "He has incredible control over his senses. If he bypasses one sense, the other sense performs the task. Midbrain activation generally means super sensory development. We develop each sense from a 'super' point of view. it is a type of scientific training."

Blindfolded Wonder Boy

He has a record for driving blindfolded on India's deadliest roads. He has won chess championships and can play 3 people at a time while being blindfolded. He can even read a book upside down fluently without looking. Give any task to him, he can do it with his eyes closed. Literally!

Jeet Trivedi Blindfolded Wonder Boy

Jeet Trivedi said, "Through smell i visualise what kind of obstacle is coming towards me and what is the remedy to it. And then i overcome the obstacle.